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DrawKit's mission is to create high quality digital illustrations and animations for startups, designers, and developers.

Earn money by promoting and selling my products through referral links placed on your own website, blog, social media, or newsletter.
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DrawKit uses Gumroad for all payment processing, including the affiliate program.

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Affiliate FAQ

How do I track my earnings?
You'll get an email from Gumroad every time a sale is made with one of your affiliate links, and you'll be able to manage receipts and all other details through your Gumroad account.
How am I paid?
Gumroad makes payments every second Friday, directly to your bank account or PayPal, and you set this up when you create your Gumroad account.
Can I participate even if I don't live in Australia or the US?
Yes, Gumroad's payment service works in all countries that PayPal works in

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Earn 30% commission on all referral sales!